dang mostra
Copertina by Dangira

Harmony, the pleasure of beauty and beautiful things: this is the essence of Copertina, a new way of viewing the pleasure of objects. It proposes interior design pieces, furnishings and accessories, architectural studies and interior décor. Its aim is to seek out innovative materials that will make every creation unique: a new way of seeing and thinking, building interactivity into every little detail of the interiors of today and tomorrow.

"Copertina" means cover, evoking an aesthetic worthy of a magazine cover, in which the client can transform a simple idea into a sophisticated design, swiftly, and stress-free.

In addition to planning and designing services, complete with detailed renderings, Copertina can also follow every stage of the project, from floors to ceilings, delivering turnkey homes, fully furnished and decorated, with a special attention to – and a number of current partnerships in – the field of modern and contemporary art.